Ilan Eshkeri is one of the most diverse and innovative composers in Britain today. He has written award-winning scores for ‘The Young Victoria’ and ‘Stardust’, the action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima, and the ongoing social simulation game The Sims. His collaborations in the pop world stretch from David Gilmour to Take That and in 2016 he created Reliquary a choral symphonic work which reached No1 in the classical charts.

Born on April 7, 1977, in London, England, he has gained recognition for his diverse and emotive musical compositions. Growing up Eshkeri was embraced by a rich multicultural heritage, with roots entwined in both Europe and the Middle East. His childhood was punctuated by the melodies and rhythms of the 80s and 90s, while his French mother, a talented pianist and dancer, introduced him to the world of classical music, nurturing his promising talents on the violin and piano. Fascinated by the art of storytelling, Ilan went on to study Literature and Music at Leeds University.

Eshkeri’s breakthrough came with his work on the score for the 2004 film ‘Layer Cake’ directed by Matthew Vaughn. This now cult classic crime thriller marked his debut as a film composer and garnered significant attention for its unique and evocative music. The ability to capture the emotional heart of a story through music led to Eshkeri being sought after for many diverse projects, including ‘Stardust’ (2007), ‘The Young Victoria’ (2009), and ‘Still Alice’ (2014), amongst others and Eshkeri himself garnered critical acclaim and recognition by BAFTA, the Ivors and others for his work in film and Television.

As Eshkeri’s reputation grew, so did his desire to experiment and push musical boundaries. He ventured into creating music for video games, such as the phenomenally successful ‘The Sims’ and the BAFTA & Ivor Novello nominated ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ demonstrating his adaptability to craft interactive and immersive soundtracks.

However, Eshkeri’s talents extend beyond the realm of fiction. His work on multiple documentaries with Sir David Attenborough such as ‘A Perfect Planet’ and the forthcoming bio pic Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve story demonstrate his ability to infuse real-world stories with emotional resonance for the audience.

His recent show, ‘Space Station Earth’ is an extraordinary musical voyage depicting the emotional journey of astronauts travelling to the International Space Station. Crafted with support from the European Space Agency and NASA. This six-year project, initiated by a request from astronaut Tim Peake for music to his mission video, evolved into Eshkeri creating an album and directing a film, which sets the backdrop for the live performance.

In the world of dance, Eshkeri has composed notable works. His inaugural ballet, in collaboration with dancer Sergei Polunin, retold the story of Narcissus and Echo and most recently, his music graced the New York City Centre, written for esteemed principal dancer of the Royal Ballet, Natalia Osipova.

Ilan Eshkeri’s musical journey and legacy continue to unfurl, spending most his time disappearing into his studio at the bottom of his garden in North London. Eshkeri is both Dyslexic and Synaesthetic, colours, music and patterns merge in his mind allowing him to imagine unconventional ways of approaching music in order to unlock creativity. His distinct and innovative style, blended with a profound emotional connection to human stories, ensures his compositions retain relevance and potency, testifying to the incredible ability to stir audiences worldwide. The best is yet to come.